My Bicycle Diaries


My Bicycle Diaries

Rising pollution, unbearably congested roads, climate changing in front of our eyes, burgeoning fuel bills and on a macro level the ever growing trade deficit of our country. My usual reaction to these issues used to be like most us – Ignorance is bliss.. Cover myself with a quilt of imaginary well being and get on with the everyday drudgery. Till now.. I have decided to take a small step toward contributing and being a part of the solution rather than the problem.

I have decided to give up personal and private automobiles as much as practically possible. Modes of transport I will be using will be my own Bicycle, Rented bicycle wherever available, public transport and hired vehicles as the last option. Work deliverables will not be compromised at any point. Private transport will only be used to travel with family.

My nature of work involves loads of local and outstation travel. While implementing the above my effort will be share as many tips as possible so that others can benefit from the same.

Age: 40

Occupation: Self Employed – Founder & Director of FIRST Cars

Day 1: Hot day, 3 meetings in different parts of Pune and then internal meetings in office. One Meeting was a challenge cause had to travel with my bicycle in a city bus. Git a lot of weird looks but managed to reach the destination. The objective was achieved for the day.

More to come as I continue with my effort…..